Movimentos Festival Weeks 2015: AUTOSTADT

Advertising for the car and peace.

The Movimentos Festival in the Autostadt moved 30 000 spectators and brought the group’s reputation. The program included dance, classical jazz and pop concerts as well as scenic readings, drama productions, workshops and the Movimentos Academy for children and adolescents.

DIVA Agency is proud to have looked after this great number of events with competent, empathic and tireless hostesses, chauffeurs, artist tutors, educators, service employees as well as coordinators and heads of operations and we thank you for the great trust of our premium customer AUTOSTADT.


Movimentos Festival Weeks 2014: AUTOSTADT

We are proud that our experienced and professional event staff was also able to contribute to the success of the 65 events. For the many experiences and always great partnership, we would like to thank the organizing team of the Autostadt. We are looking forward to the next big happenings.